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The kids bolted around the corner whipping
about trying to loose the group chasing them.

Amare slammed his hand to the ground a surge
of energy pulsing out thick vines blocking the
path buying them some time as the kids kept
running he still had very crude control to
nonne at all over the powers that had gotten
him kidnapped in the first place.

"So what's the plan?" "Run!" Vincent said.
"What ind of plan is that?" Aion blinked. "The
kind that keeps us alive!" Amare snapped he
seemed to have gotten a bit of sass from a
certain ginger haired angel.

meanwhile from a cliff someone watched the
kids bolt well just one of them...amare. 'He
looks like....' he winced he'd been in hell
for awhile and was just human it was a miracle
he'd surivived this long after the stunt he
had pulled too....'apirl....'. He darted down
the path in the shadows avoiding patches of
light taking out the ones chasing the kids
from behind one by one trying to buy them more
time as they got past the vines.

after some time the kids saw someone open a door
waving them in taking the chance they bolted
inside catching their breath they wouldn't
have long.

It was the man from before he glanced at Amare
he saw those eyes....the same as hers...". 'an
uncoruppted human heart in hell...?' Vincent
thought 'who IS this guy...wait this is...the
guy father possessed back on earth before I was
born...what was his name again?'.

They had finally managed to get apirl to sit
down for the first time in days nobody could
blame her it was her kid after all. "He's fine
wherever he is Apirl." Riley said "He's your
son after all.". Of course Riley thought that
if it was peter or tasha that had gone missing
he'd be a wreck too. Apirl had always been a
strong person but right now she was a mess. She
wiped her eyes "Thanks Riley..." she sniffed.
There was a swirl of shadows as Bloody appeared
"anything?" Apirl asked. "Nothing...." Bloody
said "Apirl...I'd hate to say this but we've
checked every nook and cranny of first and third
heaven, earth, every relm we could think of...
that pretty much only leaves....".

Nobody had wanted to say it but bloody was right.

meanwhile in hell....

"Wh...Who are you?" Amare asked.

Bloody sat in the hosbital room gently rocking
her twins smiling faintly this was the first
time she'd been alone with them since they'd
been born the day before. She thought about
those events a lot had gone down and a lot had
been found out "hopefully no more secerts or
maybe just not as many little ones." she smiled
rocking her sleeping twins. The sound of a
gentle knock on the door broke her from her

"Princess?" a nurse said poking her head in.
Bloody looked up she still had never gotten
used to being called that even if she was one
"Your brother's here to see you.". Bloody
nodded then smiled seeing who walked in.

"Hey Zeph...You feeling any better?".
"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" he said
looking at the cut on her cheek.

There was no question bloody and Zephon had
always been close to those who didn't know
better they where sometimes mistaken for twins.
Bloody had looked out for him ever since those
first eerie feelings river had given her sadly
bloody had been proven right but even she had
no idea....

Bloody wish she had told him the truth maybe
then none of this would have happened everyone
was left exhausted from the events of last
night apirl was watching tasha and peter in an
effort to help.

"I....I'm sorry.".

Her brothers words snapped her out of her
thoughts as she looked up. "For what?". "I
tried to-"

"That wasn't you Zephon." Bloody said "Besides
just a cut it'll heal Jhon says long as it
stays covered won't even scar.". It was a
pretty big cut though...

Zephon was about to open his mouth again when
bloody gripped his hand smiling faintly "besides
you and me right?" she grinned "We're sticky
like glue.". It was something bloody had said
as a child when there where rough days to
comfort him.

He smiled "yeah." he said "Sticky like glue."
he smiled hugging her. The silence the followed
was broken by two fussy noises the twins where
not that happy about being smooshed between
their mother and uncle.

"You wanna hold them?" Bloody smiled after a
bit of coaxing they settled into their uncles
arms Covus looked up at him and gripped his
finger "hey there little got your
mama's wing color." he smiled "And you look
just like your mama." He smiled looking at his
niece Alma.

Bloody smiled enjoying the peace after the
past days they had all had they needed it.


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